Serve as an Election Judge

Serve as an Election Judge or Election Judge Trainee
Posted on 05/10/2017
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Election judges and election judge trainees are paid officials who staff local polling places and ensure that the rights of voters are protected on election day. Serving as a judge or trainee provides an opportunity to learn more about the election process and is a great service to our community. Election judges must be at least 18 years old, while trainees must be at least 16 years old.

Official Duties

On the day of an election you may be expected to:

·         set up the polling place

·         direct voters to the correct line

·         register voters

·         ensure all qualified voters are permitted to vote

·         demonstrate how to vote

·         distribute ballots to voters

·         assist voters

·         operate voting equipment

·         close down polling place following voting

·         determine results after polls close

Required Qualifications

To serve as an election judge or trainee you must:

·         be a U.S. Citizen

·         be a Minnesota resident

·         not have had your voting rights revoked

·         read, write and speak English

·         attend a two-hour training session

You cannot be:

·         the spouse, parent, child or sibling of any election judge serving in the same precinct

·         the candidate or the spouse, parent, child or sibling of any candidate on the ballot in that precinct

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