Lake Huron Expedition Updates

Follow Ms. Haak on Her Lake Huron Research Expedition
Posted on 07/10/2017
Ms. Haak boarding the Lake Guardian research vessel

While some may be looking forward to a relaxing cruise this summer, Simley High School science teacher Lori Haak is excited to float across Lake Huron aboard the Lake Guardian research vessel. This March, Ms. Haak was accepted as one of only 15 teachers from the Great Lakes region to go on a week-long research expedition, the Shipboard Science Workshop. This week, accepted teachers are working alongside Great Lakes scientists and learning the newest techniques and equipment to bring their knowledge and new curriculum back to students next school year.

Before discovering her passion for teaching, Ms. Haak worked in water resources management, her first passion. So when she heard about the Shipboard Science Workshop for Great Lakes teachers, she said it was a natural fit.

“The workshop represents the perfect combination of my passions for preserving and protecting our water resources and teaching biology to high school students,” she said. “Because we will be doing scientific research aboard the Lake Guardian research vessel, I will be able to bring back relevant material with real, approachable data.”

Ms. Haak said the water quality research is especially important to Simley students because of their proximity to the Mississippi River. She wants to help them understand water resource protection and management because she believes it will become a central issue during their lifetimes.    

Though each spring Simley students get a hands-on look at water quality in the ponds on campus, Ms. Haak said she is eager to develop new, authentic ways to engage students in real science that directly affects their quality of life.

In addition to studying Lake Huron organisms and developing curriculum, she will also have an opportunity to learn about the lake’s biology, geology, chemistry, and human impacts from the Center for Great Lakes Literacy and to explore the NOAA Marine Sanctuary.

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