Healthcare Careers Classes Collaborate

Healthcare Careers Students Collaborate to Better Understand the Industry
Posted on 11/06/2018
Simley Emergency Medical Responder students teach TriDistrict healthcare careers students how to take blood pressureSimley High School’s Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) class and Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) class allow students to learn the practices they need to know in order to get certified and work in the healthcare field. While students have been building their skills in hands-on lessons throughout the year, they have also been learning what it takes to be emergency medical responders and certified nursing assistants. This November, they were able to share what they have learned with others looking into healthcare careers.

TriDistrict students, which include students from Simley, Henry Sibley High School, and South St. Paul Senior High, are exploring healthcare careers in a new class called Healthcare Careers and Medicine. The TriDistrict class is held at Twin Cities Orthopedics so students can build their professional skills alongside employees. While the TriDistrict students are exploring all types of careers in the medical field, they met with EMR and CNA students to learn more about the hands-on medical procedures that their peers are practicing. The EMR and CNA students taught TriDistrict students how to take a pulse, how to measure blood pressure, what different readings mean, and generally gave them an introduction to the medical procedures they would have to use daily if they continue on a career path to be an EMR or CNA.

Though some TriDistrict students may be building their professional skills in order to work in the administrative positions of the healthcare industry, the collaboration among the EMR, CNA, and TriDistrict classes helped students better understand the healthcare industry as a whole and understand the responsibilities of those in different positions.