Instructional Practices Recalibration

The Inver Grove Heights Middle School staff has accepted the challenge of recalibrating learning to better meet the needs of all students, both academically and social-emotionally. Staff is recalibrating how rigorous coursework is offered. The recalibration efforts are focused on expanding rigorous coursework opportunities to every student. Students will be able to challenge themselves with advanced coursework in core classes, and more opportunities will be available for academically gifted students through the addition of clustered subject acceleration. 

It is our mission as a school and in the district to provide every student with the opportunity to learn, to be challenged, and to be supported in their efforts. We are committed to ensuring that every child and family has the very best that ISD 199 offers.

As the re-calibration is phased in and strengthened over time, we will post more information about our efforts here, on our Instructional Practices Recalibration webpage.